How does it work?

Well, its really simple. The buddy program consists of two phases:

  • First Phase: both international and Norwegian students sign-up in the web site by filling the form at here (for intenationals) and here (for Norwegians), with some information about them. Around the third week of classes, the buddy program system will match each Norwegian with one international students and send their contacts to each other by e-mail. Both will also be subscribed in the buddy program mailing list, where they will receive information about all the events we will prepare for the buddy program.
  • Second Phase: is for the late comers. If you missed the first phase, there is still a chance for you: after the first phase, any Norwegian or international student may sign up, but instead of having another matching done by the computer, the Norwegian students that sign-up will be able to see the list of international students (only their profile, not names, not contact information) waiting for a Norwegian buddy and then they will be able to choose who to be a buddy with. And all people who sign up, he will still be subscribed to the mailing list to be informed of the buddy program activities.

If you have any doubts, please let us know: buddy (at)